Denim Tears Is Collaborating With Levi’s To Tell One Family’s Story Of Black America

Drawing inspiration from the story of cotton in America, and its intertwined legacy with slavery, Emory has created a visually stunning lineup consisting of a t-shirt, a Levi’s® Trucker Jacket, and a Levi’s® 501® jean, with every piece of denim coming from Levi’s® Authorized Vintage program. It also features a hand-stitched patchwork denim Plantation Hat made with vintage denim. The Trucker Jacket, 501® and Plantation Hat are covered in an all-over screen print of white cotton wreaths—inspired by a cotton wreath motif he saw on Kara Walker’s Instagram and then sought out for his home. Tremaine then used the cotton plant to create “a logo” from its legacy of slavery in America. The prints are in a shade of white chosen for its ghostly quality, an effect Tremaine honed in on when a printer malfunctioned during design concepting at the Eureka Lab in San Francisco and printed only the white base layer of a graphic. The initial indigo colorways’ release will be followed by a set of black denim colorways.